Unleash the collective knowledge of your organization

Rimeto is a workplace directory that drives productivity and collaboration by surfacing critical information about people, projects and teams. It's like having your entire organization at your side.


Empower people to do their best work

Rimeto unlocks your organization's collective experience, skills and relationships. Employees get the insight they need to drive impact.


Visibility fosters collaboration

Working across teams can be challenging. Understanding each person's focus enables cross-functional collaboration and helps avoid duplication.


Enterprise software that works like you do

Work happens everywhere. So people need world-class mobile solutions to get the job done.

Innovation starts with people

A handful of leading technology companies (including Google, Apple, and Facebook) have built custom internal directories to drive organizational effectiveness. These companies remain innovative because they invest in their most valuable asset — their people.

IT loves Rimeto


Easy setup pre-integrated with your HRIS, ATS, email, calendar and project tracking systems


New information updates automatically through API connection to your internal software


Highest standards for data security protocols, leveraging AWS cloud infrastructure


Software as a service solution on a per employee basis

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